Unlimited development potential

Cambodia its difference than the past now Cambodia has the huge economic growth. Cambodia also is the most opening policy, rapid progress, and development potential country in ASEAN. In these coming years many countries, and foreign enterprises come to Cambodia to do investment.

Over 35 Financial Institutions、multinational company、worldly known corporations set up the subsidiary in Cambodia.

Net energy importers. Many countries are started oil drilling in Cambodia like CNPC, Krisenergy, Mitsui Group, and GSCaltexru.

Cambodia democratic reform

The Cambodia government put their economy policy in the constitution to show their strong determination on market economy, and economic liberalization. That more and more investors are believe in Cambodia government national development reform. Based on the upon The Cambodia government has the really good result on improving the investment environment, and economic growth.

Number can talk

Highest Rental rate of return. Top on the Asia.

Compare to other Southeast Asian countries. Cambodia has the strong economic growth, and the lower housing price. That people who invest the Cambodia housing market can with a decent return from the house value appreciation.

Why choose Cambodia?