Toul Kork

Location is the most important thing. Phnom Penh Wealthy Area, High quality、Low base period、High added value!

Q:Why necessary for you to pick “Toul Kork” in Phnom Penh as your property investment?

A:Capital of Country rises up first and Construction of Rich District is the priority ! Phnom Penh is the Capital of Cambodia. Most high class residences concentrated in Toul Kork district. Japanese and Korean choose it as their first residential area. Toul Kork, core district of Phnom Penh is the first constructive place in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Wealthy Area

Phnom Penh Beverly Hills, Wealthy Area.

International schools, CJCC Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Centre, Phnom Penh Royal University are within 1 km living zone, TK Mall, AEON Shopping Mall, Makro, boutiques and variety stores district. Cambodia-Korea society and investment plans will be gradually developed.

40 SCHOOLS-Royal University of Phnom Penh, 10 Foreign language international schools, about 28 public or private schools

40 CLINICS-About 40 medial organisations, hospitals and clinic, is The special administrative region with best medial sources in the country

29 Banks / ATM-About 29 banks and ATM includes 18 foreign bankers

105 Restaurants-Over 35 high class restaurants and bars

About 90 varieties restaurants